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“Enerjim is the ultimate support for your daily struggle. It helps to find sense in solutions, and enables you to enjoy your life and boost your daily motivation. First I could not believe that it could be … but always to the right time, with the unbelievable trueness of experience and knowledge it happens!”

Textile Quality Engineer

With more than three years of development time.

We’re glad to share and help our users finding their sense of life in events they come across.

There is no time for rest. We are working hard to cover most wisdoms of important thinkers from ancient philosophy to the present age.

With over 20 years of collective experience.

We take the unthinkable and make it reachable just by a finger tap.

Do Not Bother Usage

Enerjim is waiting for your tap, as you want it to get your wisdom message. The only event of the app is to notify you that you have the opportunity to reach out for your daily wisdom. The freemium usage has ads to assure its free usage for users.

Free Updates & Support

Enerjim is evolving continuously to fit new featured challenges. Updates according to the type of usage certificate are and will be free for ever. We included the opportunity for feedback and proposals. That will enable us to give continually support.

Modern & Clean Design

Modern design is ment to be ease of usage on the first look. Enerjim is not overwhelming your mind with crowded impressions, putting pressure on your perception. Minimalistic, clean and relaxed design is the opportunity to focus on the essentials.

Packed Full of Features

The staff of Enerjim is focusing on researchers for human behavior and psychology to develop targets for extended features. This will be released step by step for usage. At the same time it will ensure the rich user experience as required.

Less Money & Great Value

Enerjim is released as a Freemium app ensuring free usage through third party ads. The pro edition is available for a yearly fee. Not only it is ads free, but it also expands the functionality to advanced timing and content system.

Stands out from Others

Enerjim is not sending you periodically any type of messages. The highly developed algorithms in the encapsulated system is user sensitive. We call it "Fortune" and are proud to have designed a framework to ensure personated response.

Instead of guessing what you should do to reach your targets,

why not getting personal support through experiences of great thinkers?

Well now you can with ease.

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